AquaLine Spa

AquaLine Spa

The AquaLine Spa is the ideal wellness device for hydrotherapy. The combination of cooled water with a high salt content and oxygenation promotes natural healing processes and of course the training. The appliance is made from saltwater resistant V4A stainless steel, manufactured strictly to ISO 9001 guidelines – including the fittings. Its water technology can be accommodated adjacent to the machine or away from the spa in a separate room.

Advantages of the AquaLine SPA:

  • Doors with single, quick release lever
  • Separate electric panel box, which can be positioned away from the spa
  • Mobile control panel which can be positioned anywhere on the side of the spa
  • End-to-end operating platform
  • Maintenance flaps front and rear
  • Marcrolon safety glass in front and rear door
  • Generous padding on rear door for safety


The components of the AquaLine SPA:

  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Sophisticated pump technology
  • Charcoal filter
  • Water technology with 2000 l PVC tank
  • Oxygenation through airblowers
  • Integrated 5 kw chiller unit cooling to 4°C max.

Horses need to be supervised whilst in the SPA. When using cooling devices, care and safety need to have highest priority.

The filtration system needs regular but easy to carry out maintenance. However, this can be done by service appointment.

Optional additions to the configuration are vibration modules and ramps front and rear.