AquaLine Vibrofloor

AquaLine Vibrofloor

The Vibrofloor is characterized by vibration, scale and magnetic field technology and is used for the conditioning or rehabilitation of horses. It can help to relax muscles, relieve tension and improve blood circulation. The vibration activates the muscles even in standing horses. The use of the Vibrofloor is optimal to increase the well-being and general fitness of horses.

The Vibrofloor consists of vibrating plates which combine training and relaxation. It is characterized by vibration, weight and magnetic field technique and is often used to condition or to rehabilitate horses. The floor plates vibrate due to the incorporated vibration motors which activate the muscles and increases the effect of the treatment even though the horse is not moving.

The vibrations generate a little instability, which needs to be balanced by horse’s body, which requires energy and encourages the metabolism.

The Vibrofloor can support the following processes:

  • loosen the muscles and reduce tensions,
  • enhance the blood circulation, especially in legs and organs,
  • improve the overall satisfaction and fitness of the horse
  • prevent injuries,
  • accelerate healing processes of injured horses,
  • strengthen the muscles.

Therapeutic uses for tendon and ligament injuries, osteoporosis, laminitis, chronic respiratory diseases and navicular diseases. It can be used as prevention of sport injuries and colic. The Vibrofloor generates wellness for horses without loss of muscles.

Good to know: So far, there are no clinical studies showing the detailed effect of vibrating plates on the horse's organism. Only empirical observations can be used.

The Vibrofloor is the completely equipped system. The device is available in the basic model as a Vibrofloor without magnetic field and scale.