AquaLine Water Treadmill

AquaLine Water Treadmill

The combination of movement and hydrotherapy not only complements each other perfectly but brings forth a new form of therapy. Controlled movement is the best way of treating lameness whilst cold water cools and massages the horse’s limbs.


These complementary forms of therapy are also particularly useful when working with sports horses. Movement in water is known for its positive effects for building muscles and fitness, especially when working in water depths up to the carpal joints, as gravity is reduced considerably in water, therefore decreasing exertion on muscles and joints. Water produces gentle resistance, helping build muscle tone and strength, getting stronger with speed, whilst too much exertion is averted by the buffering nature of water.


Technical instruction by our engineers is part of the package as much as specialist veterinary induction by FEI vet and rehabilitation specialist Dr. med. vet. Matthias Baumann. Tailored therapy and training plans are prepared in accordance with the latest scientific research. Ongoing support and advice are part of the service.

Water treadmill by Activo-Med

The water treadmill housing is built from stainless steel and accommodates the belt with its driving technology. As part of the basic system, we deliver the user- friendly control unit with separate electric box and an externally mounted engine.

Robust construction in stainless steel

The robust stainless steel construction in V2A quality, optionally configurable with salt water resistant V4A if required, is manufactured in full compliance with ISO 9001 regulations. We utilize stainless steel only – even for the fittings. The highest safety standards guarantee trouble-free operation as well as minimum risk of injury for horses and handlers. The simple control system, equipped with clear operating elements, permits optimal and efficient training of the horse.

Concentrated, relaxed work

Relaxed but concentrated work is crucial for successful training. The infinitely variable speed control up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph) leaves nothing to be desired for when training your horses. For more intensive training, we also offer the optional trotting version with up to 15 km/h (9.3 mph) as well as a hydraulic incline of up to 6°. For a stress-free work out, the horses need to feel at ease, which is only possible when they are kept on the lead rope rather than being tied up. This also ensure free movement. Further, the horse should be able to see their surroundings, which is why we purposely kept the front end lower than the back.

Standing on the operator’s platform allows for direct observation of the horse’s movements of the back. There we can see if the horse is moving straight and evenly. This is particularly important in terms of building muscles  effectively, as well as ensuring the horse’s progress is moving in the desired direction. Walking freely without restricting poles at front and rear promotes coordination and gentle build-up of muscles, whilst the generously  padded doors ensure safe-keeping of your horse.

Low maintenance required

Low maintenance requirements and inexpensive running costs of the machine guarantee a return on investment after a short period of time. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the system is straightforward and effortless. The easily accessible maintenance openings on either side of the machine allow cleaning underneath the treadmill, ensuring the longevity of the system. 

Water Treadmill Details

The water treadmill has an internal length of 420 cm (13 ft 9.354 in) and width of 96 cm (3 ft 1.795 in) – these are optimal dimensions for training in a relaxed and extended posture. The belt is not beveled on the sides, therefore not posing any risk for injury during training. Two wide doors for leading the horses in and out of the treadmill ensure a high degree of safety. Both doors can be opened and closed conveniently, quickly and safely with our onehand operating levers. The end-to-end operator platform with mobile control unit ensures safe guidance and observation of the horse. The water level and speed can be individually adjusted during operation. Special features of the water treadmill are, amongst others, the internal length giving the horse plenty of space to move freely with long strides. Further, horses are not restricted by locking bars or tying up rings and chains, allowing them to stretch and lower their neck as they are working out.

Horses need to be supervised at all times.

In emergencies, there is a sophisticated break system built-in, which allows for smooth stopping of the belt. This is a great advantage over photoelectric barriers as the belt will be stopped by even smaller horses or ponies.

The filtration system needs regular but easy to carry out maintenance. This can be done by service appointment.

The Activo-Med water treadmill can be extended with a sophisticated cooling system and/ or an incline function.