HorsePro Treadmill

HorsePro Treadmill

Treadmills enable a wear-free training without vibration. Treadmills act as additional training sessions and meaningfully support health, fitness and satisfaction of your horse. They are thus used to support therapies, they might facilitate curing respiratory diseases for example. The horse can start working gently. In educational studs, a treadmill provides the possibility of exercising the horse without a rider to start with. In general, the muscles can be strengthened, the condition can be build-up and balance and rhythm can be fostered.

Our treadmills result from the long-lasting cooperation with experts and veterinaries. Treadmills are used for sport horses to improve strengths and condition but also to train on young horses as well as to support the rehabilitation of recovering horses – all-rounders!

If using the treadmill continuously, the start off and the extension/ground cover can be improved. Muscles, tendons, bones and gristles can be building up and the fascia can be strengthened due to the minimally moving, gripped band. Treadmills offer an optimal possibility to consequently implement training schedules – without any excuses.

The HorsePro Treadmill is equipped with the following Details:

  • highest security standards
  • weather-independent and maintenance-free stainless steel construction
  • easy handling control panel
  • motor brake
  • emergency switch-off
  • smooth running due to big wheels
  • noise-damped and low-maintenance
  • programmed height adjustments
  • little space needed for installation
  • design adjustable to your wishes

Treadmills for horses are a complementary tool for improving condition and performance. They do not replace the pasture where the horse can move at his own pace and rhythm.

Beside the walking treadmills up to 10 km/h are trot, canter and camel treadmill available.

The treadmills are optional equipped with variable adjustable velocity and pitch angle.