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Horses are fascinating creatures, and no other sector brings humans and animals together like equestrian sport. Their health and well-being matter to every rider. We've always been interested in a holistic approach to their physical, but also mental health, and this interest ultimately led us to develop innovative tools to assist and supplement traditional medicine.

We are confident that the naturopathic use of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a useful complement to traditional medicine, as this form of therapy addresses not only the symptoms of an illness but also the cause.






 The IMPULSELINE systems were developed over 20 years ago in collaboration with technicians and veterinary specialists. Despite outstanding customer feedback, we nevertheless continued to develop our products even further according to the latest scientific findings. Our IMPULSELINE products feature flexible programme configuration. We see every horse as an individual creature with its own individual needs regarding magnetic therapy. We therefore developed different systems that can be configured to the individual needs of the horse.






We also use this approach for our AQUALINE aqua training products. Specific, controlled movements strengthen the horse's musculoskeletal and immune systems and provide individual rehabilitative support after injury or surgery. Horses can also achieve excellent training results through hydrotherapy.








Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is currently attracting greater attention in medical and biological research worldwide. PEMF is being used increasingly in equestrian sport.

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What is magnetic field therapy? 


Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a naturopathic treatment that can achieve a therapeutic effect through the use of a low-frequency pulsating magnetic field. This therapy is often used to supplement traditional medicine and can bring improvement not only to the horse's physical health but to its mental health as well. Many riders use magnetic therapy to promote regeneration, support the natural healing process, and improve their horses' well-being.

Although the medicinal effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy have yet to be fully researched, it has long been used in naturopathy with success.


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What does pulsed magnetic field therapy do?


Magnetic field therapy increases general transport capacity of cell membranes. resulting in improved cell energetics and thus clear improvement in the transport of oxygen to tissue.

This leads to activation of the cell metabolism which, according to the international literature, can bring analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antineuralgic, vasodilatory and sedative effects.


How does pulsed magnetic field therapy work?


Cells are the origin of life. They are the basic building blocks of all life, consisting of billions of molecules. In the cells, growth and function are controlled through electromagnetic oscillations.

We are exposed to the earth's geomagnetic fields every day. Through technically generated magnetic fields, i.e., fields that are generated by machines or systems, we can positively influence cell activity in our organisms or those of our horses.

This is precisely where magnetic field therapy comes into play. The magnetic field and its charge-changing effect causes cell activity to repolarise and normalises charge capacity. The cells are no longer exposed to stimuli or excitation and return to a "resting state". This resting state is part of these highly complex chemical and physical processes; see

Therapeutic approaches in naturopathy purport that diseased cells have a lower magnetic potency than healthy cells. The use of magnetic field therapy provides the cells with a boost of energy and revitalises them, which, according to naturopathy, can lead to relief of ailments or the attainment of general well-being.

"Since the processes of life and metabolism are controlled by electromagnetic impulses, the selective application of electromagnetic energy is of fundamental importance for the diseased organism". (Dr F. Popp et al).

Disturbances in the natural interaction of electromagnetic oscillations in the cell can lead to diseases. These are often triggered by a deficiency of magnetic energy.

A precondition for the healing of a diseased organism is a well-functioning metabolism. The strengthening of the immune system and associated activation of the body's own natural healing powers play an important role in helping the body to overcome disease on its own.