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The IMPULSELINE Light One Horse Rug is a PEMF rug. This rug is equipped with eight magnetic field coils or applicators in the back area.



Impulseline Light One Magnetfelddecke
Frontansicht Impulseline Light One Magnetfelddecke
Impulseline Light One Magnetfelddecke Patch



  • Excellent comfort and fit through flexible adjustment

  • Breathable materials

  • with 4,3 kg versatile and easy to transport

  • Robust and resilient

  • Machine washable at 30°C, modules easily removable

  • Long-lasting

  • Intuitive operation

  • Can be easily used anywhere

  • Permitted at all international FEI competitions

  • Made in Germany


from 2.595,00 € incl. VAT

The Micropulse control box 


It is controlled with the Micropulse control device, which is attached to the blanket with the control device pocket at the top of the withers. The Micropulse control unit is easy and intuitive to use. Times of 10, 20 or 30 minutes and intensities of 8, 10 or 12 Hertz can be selected. The pulsating magnetic field has a strength of up to 7,800 microtesla.

The scope of delivery of the IMPULSELINE Light One includes the cover, the charging and control device as well as the transport bag including program documentation.



How many programs does the blanket have?

  • 3 frequencies and 3 treatment times


How many applicators are processed?

  • 8 applicators in the back area


In which version is the rug available?

  • as a magnetic field blanket (IMPULSELINE Light One)


Which control device do I use to operate the ceiling?

  • Micropulse control unit with integrated battery


What size is the blanket?

  • Available in size XL (155 cm)


Who is the blanket suitable for?

  • sport horses
  • recreational horses
  • breeding horses
  • For beginners, as it is good value for money
  • For horses without pre-existing conditions or limitations, as this rug has no neck part


Areas of application?

  • prophylaxis
  • regeneration
  • tendons and joints
  • Internal organs
  • musculature
  • skeleton
  • nervous system
  • vascular system



The IMPULSELINE Light One blanket is very easy to handle and is therefore a perfect entry-level and wellness product.


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