ImpulseLine Pulsed Magnetic and Massage Blanket

In the past few years, veterinarians have gained new knowledge in the use of pulsed magnetic therapy based on electromagnetic fields, which can influence the organisms of biological systems. The cell is the beginning of life. It is the root and elementary foundation for any living organism. Inside the cell, growth and other functions are controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. Are these malfunctioning, ill health may be the consequence, often caused by low magnetic energy. The inductive impact of electromagnetic stimulation can re-polarise the oscillation thereby normalising cell activity.

Complex Technology for Your Horse, Easy and User-Friendly Application

With the purchase of an ImpulseLine product featuring pulsed magnetic therapy, holding a modern, highly efficient and user-friendly system is guaranteed. Our products represent the latest technology especially in terms of micro-processor-controlled features. The systems are developed from solid and extensive clinical and empirical experiences of veterinarian and medical experts.

Our multifunctional control box generates a low frequency pulsed magnetic field, which can be combined with a variable degree of vibration massage simultaneously, offering a unique and effective treatment solution which is highly adaptable to suit individual’s needs.


The unique activation sends wave-like signals to the heart. This is termed cardio- vascular-compliant. The high performance applicator has been set out in five segments, which can be controlled separately or in combination through our multifunctional control box. This applies to both functions – pulsed magnetic field and vibro-massage.

Problem Area Neck

In order to ensure even the most sensitive parts of the horse’s body are covered, we shall not disregard the highly delicate muscles in the neck. These, as well as the shoulder, elbow, back and knee area are all covered with our professional blanket, providing an all- encompassing treatment for your horse.

·        Magnetic Field/Massage

·        Field intensity 7.800 Microtesla (78 Gauss)

·        High degree of comfort

·        Versatile application

·        Robust and hard-wearing

·        Durable

·        Covers machine washable

·        User-friendly and intuitive multifunctional control box

·        Easy to use anywhere

·        Permitted for use on all intern. FEI competitions

·        Manufactured in Germany

ImpulseLine Professional

The professional blanket comes with a high-performance applicator fitted with pulsed magnetic and optional massage modules. These are set along the spine on either side starting from the neck down to the tail. Covered with additional units are the shoulder and knee area. A gentle massage may improve circulation, loosen tense muscles and positively stimulate the central nervous system, which is what we all want for our horses! The easy to use control box is extremely user- friendly with its 18 programs and 8 sequences, which are all fully adjustable in every setting. This way each session can be entirely personalised to suit each horse’s needs, as time, intensity and level of frequency can make all the difference to your sports partner.

ImpulseLine Relax und Relax Plus

The Relax blanket features a light-weight pulsed magnetic therapy applicator which can be fitted with additional massage modules. This blanket is available with or without hood. The easy to use COMPACT control box has 18 different programs and 8 sequences, which are all fully adjustable in their settings.

ImpulseLine Pecdominal Pad

This special addition to the blanket supports the muscles on chest and belly. These muscle groups are often dismissed as being responsible for tension, asymmetry and imbalance in the horse, but should be regarded as an important part of the horse’s physique. The applicator is positioned in the girth and chest area, with extra modules in the saddle area if used on its own.

ImpulseLine PowerPad

The unique combination of pulsed magnetic therapy, massage and light provides an infinitive number of treatment options. Fitted with flexible surcingles, the pad can be applied safely almost anywhere on the horse’s body.

Practical and washable.
No stable is clean, nor are the horses. The Activo-Med products are easily washable at 30°C. All magnetic field applicators can be easily removed from the blanket or leg wraps for this purpose. This is very important for hygiene and disinfection in the treatment of several horses.

All components are made of robust, extremely tear-resistant materials and are of high quality and withstand the impacts of everyday life effortlessly.

For transport and storage, a transport bag made of sturdy material is included.

Our professional blanket comes with an integrated hood covering the spine from top to bottom. This ensures the horse receives the best possible treatment to integrate the sensitive muscle groups from the neck area down to the hindquarters. The additional modules on shoulder and knee ensure coverage along those areas often affected by tension and stiffness.