ImpulseLine Canine




Dogs are our faithful companions, including in the barn. Dogs are part our daily life in many yards, and the well-being of our dogs is often just as close to our hearts as that of our horses. That's why there's also an ACTIVOMED system for our feisty canine friends.



Hund auf Activo-Med Hundematte im Körbchen
Hunde auf Activo-Med Hundematte in Sattelkammer
ActivoMed Hundematte Detailaufnahme
ActivoMed Hundematte, großer brauner Hund
ActivoMed Hundematte Skippy mit Stehohr
ActivoMed Hundematte Skippy sitzend in der Sattelkammer auf Matte



  • Breathable materials
  • Versatile and easy to transport
  • Robust and resilient
  • Machine washable at 30°C, modules easily removable
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be easily used anywhere


    from 1981,35 € incl. VAT



The IMPULSELINE Canine System is a PEMF rug made especially for dogs. At 60 x 90 cm, it is suitable for smaller animals and fits in just about any dog basket. It provides a pulsed magnetic field that contributes to dogs' well-being – they fully enjoy their treatments with the Canine mat. The mat is ideal for agile, athletic dogs as well as older dogs.


The IMPULSELINE Canine comes with a Micropulse control box with integrated battery, control box holder, charger, and transport/storage bag.



How many programmes does the IMPULSELINE Canine have?

  • 3 preset programmes with frequencies of 8, 10, or 12 Hertz

Which control box is used with the IMPULSELINE Canine?

  • The Micropulse control box

How big is the IMPULSELINE Canine?

  • 60 x 90 cm

For which dogs is the IMPULSELINE Canine intended?

  • For agile, athletic dogs
  • For senior dogs
  • For dogs with pre-existing ailments 
  • For relaxation for healthy dogs


  • Lay the Canine mat in your dog's bed or basket to provide optimum relaxation
ActivoMed Hundematte Skippy mit Stehohr

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